Gotta catch them all! Pokemon!


Pokemon has been around since 1996 and with so many games, cards, anime, manga, characters, films and TV show spin offs, its amazing how strong Pokemon is still going! The fact Pikachu was chosen as Japan’s World Cup mascot goes to show how loved the series still is. Pocket Monsters (original Japanese title) are known world wide and have a very strong following.

Its enjoyed by people of both sexes, all ages and races. Thats the great thing about Pokemon, anyone can be a fan! Some of my family and friends have grown out of Pokemon, yet their own children have started to show interest in the Pocket Monsters.

Ive been a fan of Pokemon for many, many years, I first discovered the series when I was in America with my family. I was sick for a few days, so was confined to our hotel room. One day I randomly started going through TV channels and came across something called “Pokemon”. I was instantly hooked.

I was already a huge fan of anime such as Sailor Moon and DragonBall Z, but this was different. It wasnt about a schoolgirl or a powerful alien race. It was about collecting cute (and not so cute) monsters and becoming a “Pokemon master”! The first episode I watched was about Jigglypuff and quickly became one of my favourite characters. I couldnt list them all as there are far too many!


Pokemon hit the UK about 6 months after I came back from the US and I was so happy it did. I was teased and bullied by children in school for enjoying a “kids show”.  But that didnt stop me from loving the show and going to school with Pokemon everything!

I was judged in some of my relationships for liking Pokemon, but thankfully this time my fella loves Pokemon as much as I do! He even has his own Ash baseball cap and we have 2 kittens named Ash and Misty! Plus we trade and help each other out with Pokemon X and Y, so think Ive found a keeper. My family have never discouraged me for liking the show or the games, my grandmother even bought me Pokemon Red for my purple Gameboy! Pokemon Blue and Yellow soon followed.

Years ago, I managed to pick up a Pikachu Nintendo 64 with Pokemon Snap for £10 at a local carboot! Sadly this was stolen from me 😦 Then along came my Gamecube and a copy of Pokemon Colosseum. It was different from the handheld Pokemon games I played. There were no random encounters and you had to steal other trainers Pokemon. This didnt feel like a Pokemon game to me and I sadly didnt play it as much. Seen it recently in a local games shop for £15, so who knows, I may give it another chance.

Pokemon, for me, feels better on a handheld console. Something to play on a long journey or when you cant fall asleep. Its there by your bedside, in your bag, on your coffee table ready to go! Pokemon X was one of the main reasons I wanted to get an XL. Being able to see everything much clearer was a must for me and I dont regret it. The game is beautiful, with and without the 3D element.


I honestly dont think Ill ever stop being a fan of Pokemon. Heck, my 3DS XL case is a Pokeball! And hopefully Ill be getting a Pikachu tattoo someday! Plus a huge thanks to Netflix, I can now watch all the original Pokemon episodes again and some of the movies. If you’re having a bad day, some Pokemon episodes will sort that out. Just dont go near “Bye Bye Butterfree”, right in the feels everytime!

With Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire hitting the 3DS this year, its a great time to be a fan of Pokemon. X and Y arent a year old yet and we are being treated to not one, but two reboots of classic Pokemon games! So if you still havent tired any of the Pokemon games yet, please do.

There is such a great world out there to be explored and there are thousands of fans out there. If you own a DS, this would be a huge advantage as there are many Pokemon meet and trade ups happening all over! Battle and trade to your hearts content.

And if you’re not already singing the theme song by the end of this article, hurry up and get singing or Ill have to vinewhip you! Gotta catch em’ all!