We want more Bigby!


I have recently finished TellTale Games adaptation of Bill Willingham’s Fable comic book series.  And I have been left wanting more. Once again TellTale have taken me on an emotional roller-coaster ride. They previously did this to me and millions of others with their adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead.

The Wolf Among Us follows Sheriff Bigby Wolf, voiced by the amazing Adam Harrington. His job is to make sure the inhabitants of Fable Town don’t do anything to attract the attention of normal folk, “Mundies”. This means everyone has to have glamours to make themselves appear human and not their true fairy tale appearance.

Bigby is of course The Big Bad Wolf, the one who ate poor Grandma and had Little Red Riding Hood next on his menu. But this Bigby is trying to change and wants to help the citizens of Fable Town, but they are certainly not going to let him forget his past. But its down to the player how you want Bigby to come across. I made a 50/50 Bigby, sometimes he was charming and gentle, other times it was no more Mr Nice Guy!


So Bigby is going about his business and gets a call from Toad (Wind in the Willows) claiming the Woodsman (Little Red Riding Hood) is trashing his hotel. Bigby has to do his part and keep the peace, so its off to pay the Woodsman a visit. This sets off Bigby on a tragic and bizarre chain of events.

Bigby isnt alone in this twisted adventure. He is aided by Snow White, who just happens to be deputy mayor or Fabletown! You can tell there is something deeper with these two, they aren’t just business colleagues. Bigby clearly holds a soft spot for Snow and you can tell she does care for Bigby but the citizens of Fabletown come first. Or do they?


The series was spread out into 5 episodes and served every few months. This does make you want to scream, specially when the episode is left on a cliff hanger! TellTale are pros at this! Thankfully all have now been released and you dont have to wait 3 months to continue. Sadly, the games do feel short. I usually complete an episode in roughly an hour or so. Its frustrating because the game is never dull, its fast paced and dramatic.

Like all TellTale Games, The Wolf Among Us is part of the point-and-click genre and you control Bigby through the episodes, choosing his responses and actions. The choices you make reflect the outcome of the story and this allows the player to play the game more then once. TellTale are great for reply value. The game also features quick time events and there is plenty of button mashing included.

Some people have said they found TellTale Games boring because they dont offer any challenge or puzzles like other point-and-click games do. Yes this is true, there are no puzzles for your little grey cells to work over. But this game isnt about puzzles, its a story. A story where the player is the narrator.

Remember those adventure books where you decided what to do? Turn to this page, etc. This is what TellTale Games are but in video game platform. So if you want a mind bending puzzle game, look elsewhere.


The art style of The Wolf Among Us follows the other TellTale games, comic book style. Even though the game looks like it has sprung from the pages of its comic, it doesnt mean the game doesnt still carry a dark look. The opening music composed by Jared Emerson-Johnson is something I really love. Its very 80s, which is rumoured to be when the story is set. It has a relaxed, techno feel to it and pulls you in.

The title sequence backdrop reminds me of a Bond title. Beautiful colours dance in the backdrop of a dark city full of skyscapers and clubs with neon signs. We see Bigby walking alone or through crowds of people, showing how he is unnoticeable amongst a normal human crowd. In the mundane community, he is a nobody, but in Fabletown he is a force to be reckoned with.

I cannot praise this series enough. It really is one gamers need in their collection and with a physical copy of the game being released soon, I urge you to buy and try! I guarantee you wont look at Disney fairy tales the same way again!

If you enjoyed any of TellTale Games previous work, then you wont be disappointed with The Wolf Among Us. With Tales from the Borderlands, Game of Thrones and the latest episode of Walking Dead series 2 on the way, TellTale are very busy bees. Lets hope we see more of the Fables series and Bigby too!

The Wolf Among Us episodes 1-5 are avaliable now for XBox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Will be released on PS Vita end of this year, as will the physical copy of the game for both PlayStation 3 and 4 and XBox One and 360.