‘Tis the season to be gaming!


Its December. The time of year for sitting down with your family to stuff your face, read bad Christmas cracker jokes, watch rerun’s of old TV favourites and argue over Trivial Pursuit questions. Its also the time for giving gifts and receiving them. Im pretty easy when it comes to buying gifts for. Hello Kitty, Sambuca, owls, books, stationary, anything Japanese related and of course VIDEO GAMES!!

Yes, video games are still the main go to gift for me. From consoles, to games, to merchandise. Last year my future in laws bought me a Pikachu hat/scarf combo! Each year, the other half and myself exchange Pokemon games and then spend ages trading Pokemon back and fourth with each other. One year, my mum bought me a Gameboy Advance SP. And I still have it!


Christmas and gaming go hand in hand for me. I always need to get some gaming done over the Christmas period and now we watch the occasional gaming livestream whilst eating left over turkey and stuffing sandwiches.  When I was younger, I would try and stay up as long as possible on Christmas Eve. Not because I wanted to catch Father Christmas, that guy had a job to do!

But to try and see if I could complete a boss on an RPG, harvest more crops on Harvest Moon or get a job completed in Grand Theft Auto. And knowing I would wake up to amazing gifts and tons of selection box chocolate made the night more special.

Seriously Mr C, when am I getting this?!
Seriously Mr C, when am I getting this?!

Handheld consoles are amazing. Charge it up and instant travelling companion. Didnt matter whose house I was visiting over the Christmas holidays, you can be sure my trusty Gameboy, Nintendo DS, PlayStation PSP have been packed!

My Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita are always equipped when I travel home to Manchester or further, so I can spend the boring train journeys in a completely different world. And they are just as good when the family are ranting at each other about what to watch next on the TV or who nabbed the last roast potato!

Once I celebrated a Christmas home meal with an ex and his family. Was going well and then it ended up being a screaming match between the family members. So I snook upstairs, away from the shouts and insults, plugged my headphones into my PlayStation Portable and played Star Ocean: First Departure. I was gone for hours and was so grateful to have my games at my side.

But its not all doom and gloom. No, Christmas and games can bring the family together! Remember when we all knew the relative who bought a Wii or XBox Kinect? Well, those might be old now due to the next gen consoles that have now invaded our homes, but they are still fun for Christmas! Getting Gran up to show how much of a bad ass she is at boxing on the Wii/Wii U Sports Club or Dad showing his moves with the latest Dance Central are not only classic Youtube material, but also a good way to shift those Christmas pounds and have fun!


I hope you all have an incredible Christmas and a safe New Year. Game, eat and drink responsible!