Drama outside the court room

In case you’ve been under a rock for these last 2 months, you may have heard something bad happened to me. So for the first time in my life, I broke a bone. My left wrist actually. Yeah, busy year for me; new job, hen party, wedding and honeymoon. And this happened to me… Don’t run in badly lit carparks kids.


Yeap, not a pretty sight.It really does put your life in perspective and make you realise how lucky you really are. My heart goes out to all the men, women and children who live with missing limbs. I complained about this for few days and it doesn’t compare to what they deal with on a daily basis. You guys are serious troopers.

So, of course I was limited in what I could do. Thankfully my fiancé helped me out because simple things like tying my hair up was impossible! I couldn’t cook my own meals, wash my hair, clean the dishes, house clean, etc on my own or at all. It was a massive blow for me. My confidence has suffered alot.

One day I was feeling low and had got myself stressed out due to my limitations. There is only so much Netflix I can watch. I cant believe it either! So it was suggested to me to try and learn Japanese again for my honeymoon in November. So YouTube is fantastic for that, thank you to Sharla and Rachel & Jun for getting me through some tough days . But I missed gaming.

Decided straight away I didn’t want to hold a controller in case I strained my wrist. Navigating through Netflix and YouTube with just my right hand is easy enough but not gaming. So I turned to my handhelds. Again most of my games depend on both hands. So you can image how peeved I was getting. But then it dawned on me that I can play some of my DS games one handed and just have the DS sat on my lap.

And the game series that helped me keep my sanity was the Phoenix Wright games. You only need one hand and you’re on your way, clicking on the screen with your stylus. I had been lucky enough to grab the trilogy on sale from the Nintendo store a month before I fell and already own the spins-offs. So I was pretty much sorted!


The Phoenix Wright games were the first I experienced on the Nintendo DS. They were something special, something unique. You didn’t play a super hero or a magical wizard. No. You were an attorney! This was a first. Well, for me anyway. I love court room dramas and finally having a game where I need to gather the facts and defend someone was amazing.

When the option to shout “OBJECTION!” appeared on the screen for the first time, I was blown away. Seriously, I have to shout into the DS microphone? Nah, it wont pick my voice up. I whispered “Objection”? into the mic. Nothing happened. Hmmm, okay then … “OBJECTION! Oops, sorry!” Forgot to mention this happened on a train to university and I gave the guy opposite a fright…

The Phoenix Wright games are a genre you can always return to. I refuse to use a walkthrough for these games as they get the “little grey cells” working, as a famous detective once said. Sure you come up against some good, complicated cases, but being able to crack the case alone gives such a great feeling of accomplishment.

Back to the present, Phoenix and friends helped me through some tough weeks when I felt down and in a slump. Just hearing the music gave me a nostalgia trip back to when I first played the game and smiling when we cracked a case and got a happy ending. I couldn’t be a lawyer in real life, but thanks to Phoenix and Nintendo, I do pretty much alright!

I kept my sanity and was able to enjoy one of my favourite past times. My wrist is slowly recovering and I can now pick up a controller, not for too long, and can hold books now too! Typing is something I have had to take my time with, but need to get my wrist moving again. Hopefully I’ll be blogging more in the future.