Oh dear, I have a Steam account …

I have been a console gamer since a young child. I never understood why people would have to constantly check to see if a game would work with their PC. Console games, you just purchased the right game for the right console and that was it! To me, and it still does, seem like a lot of hassle checking to see if your specs are the same.


Specially when you cant return PC games now due to piracy. But I guess that is one of the great things about Steam, you can get refunds on games. I nabbed up The Witcher 2 for £2, but sadly it wouldn’t run on my PC and Steam happily refunded me.

But I did have a PC back in ye olden days (well, it was my younger brothers, we had to share) and also in my university days. My own little Shuttle PC. The games were basically World of Warcraft online and The Sims 2 series. Yes, extremely limited. But anyone who has played either of these games knows how much of your real life they take up, so I didn’t really need any more PC titles.

But in May this year, I was lucky enough to get my own gaming PC built by the new hubby! And so this means, I needed a Steam account. And oh boy, my purse has sobbed uncontrollably for the last couple months. I have not been addicted like this before. Having the games right there online able to purchase, well, its hard not to go nuts!

I’m dreading the upcoming summer Steam sale as I have known people to spend almost £100 on a shed ton of titles! My wishlist has been trimmed down alot in prep for this. But I noticed I was randomly adding titles I already owned on console, so some of them were removed. However, I decided to keep the Final Fantasy titles because I wanted to unlock their trophies. Trophy whore! But Final Fantasy VIII is the one Im looking forward to nabbing on PC due to the new game features. Would be nice if this was dropped from its £9.99 price tag during the sale:



Also if you haven’t noticed yet, the very amazing Limbo is available for free! Not sure how long the game is going to be at that price for, so this is one you need to snap up! Played it many moons ago on my XBox 360 and its a great little gem of a game.


Hopefully we will all have a chance to grab some amazing bargains from this year’s summer sale. Time wise, the Steam Summer Sale will start at 5:45pm UK time (9:45am PDT) on June 23, and finish at 6:00pm BST (10am Pacific time) on July 4. So at least we can all rush home from work and see what is there for us to snatch up. And of course Paypal are already getting people excited over on Twitter!


I hope you all get something you want and remember to spend sensibly! Oh, who am I kidding? Its going to be crazy! Also my tag is LozzimusPrime, duh, if anyone wants to add me to their Steam friend list. See you at the sales 😀