30 Day Gaming Challenge!


Thought I would give this a shot!
Day 1 – Very First Video Game:

Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Master System!

Wow, I feel ancient thinking back to those days. Back to 1991. I was 6 years old and far from a girly girl. I had Ghostbusters, TMNT, Toxic Crusaders, He-Man figures stood next to My Little Pony, Polly Pocket and Care Bears. But that was the year video games became a big part of my childhood. Of my life. Video games were there for me to take my anger and frustration out on. When I had a bad day, I could escape to other worlds. I was a hero, someone others could depend on. Even if they weren’t real, I felt needed by these pixelated characters. Even in 2017, this is how I still feel about video games.

So, my biological dad bought me a Sega Master System as his way of saying “I know I’m a shitty parent and never around, but here you go!” He is still a shitty parent, but its him I have to thank for introducing me to the gaming world. Sonic The Hedgehog was my first taste of gaming. When I see the SEGA logo now, I still have to say “SEGA!” in a robotic tone of voice. Old habits die hard I guess.

Even as I type this blog, I have the Sonic music playing in the background. Hearing the 8-bit music instantly transports me back to 1991 and being determined to get to a chaos emerald at the end of the level. Getting to the end of Act 3 in order to kick Dr. Robotnik’s butt and being a damn hero. Sonic was my first mascot from the video game world, I had no idea Donkey Kong or Mario even existed and wouldn’t for another year. Even with the other games I started to get on the Master System, Sonic the Hedgehog was the one I always ended up playing the most.

Sonic was there for me when I finished my homework and had said goodbye to my friends for the day. He even helped to entertain my little brother when I had to spend time with him! Sonic, Tails and Knuckles were the friends I needed when it was raining or I was feeling poorly.

Yes, I own one of these!

And it was great seeing Sonic and co popping up in other forms of media, like his comic book series. Had to collect them and did for many years! However, I actually wasn’t a fan of the animated TV show. Sonic having a voice ruined the magic for me. He was arrogant, cocky. Just so full of himself. In the games, he didn’t need a voice. The music was all that was needed to get you through each level. You didn’t need to hear him made some bad pun or harsh remark to Dr Robotnik. He was a silent protagonist and that suited me just fine.

Present day and how do I feel about Sonic now? Well, my love for Sonic died many years ago. Its horrible saying that. but after Sonic 3, I lost interest in him and his friends. Seeing what SEGA have done to them and the amount of unplayable, trashy games they peddled out under the Sonic name still makes me so sad. Mario and his family are still going strong with Nintendo, yet Sonic and co were left to rot away in the £5 bargain bins of video game shops and left abandoned to the dark corners of Tumblr. But thankfully all has all changed! THANK YOU GAMING GODS FOR SONIC MANIA!



A Sonic game I’m actually excited for and hoping to purchase for my PS4. Finally, we’re going back to Sonic’s roots and back to a more simpler time of running, flying, climbing (and punching)! No need for saving human princesses (THAT KISS!) or having a badass anti-hero hedgehog. Or a really dumb looking purple cat creature…

This is the Sonic we remember. This is the Sonic from our childhood. And this is the Sonic we deserve. Our 90s blue hedgehog hero is finally back and I can’t wait to see him again!