30 Day Gaming Challenge!


Day 4– Your guilty pleasure game:

Oh boy, I know I’m going to get some stick for this!

Disney’s Hannah Montana The Movie for the XBox 360


Okay. Yes, this is an odd one. But hear me out. I discovered Hannah Montana when I was working in Borders back in 2008. I knew about her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus and godmother Dolly Parton, but nothing about Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana. My little sister in Australia was Hannah Montana mad, so I was getting her some books, DVDs and stationary for her birthday. A work colleague asked if I had ever seen the show. I said I hadn’t and she told me to do so because its actually entertaining. So before I sent the parcel over to my sister, I watched the first DVD… in one sitting. Not joking, I became a fan of the show overnight and purchased the DVDs next day!

Fast forward to a year later and I was a member of LOVEFiLM rentals. For those of you who dont know what LOVEFiLM is, it was a service like Boomerang. You play a subscription a month, select the games you want to rent and they send a couple to you. The Hannah Montana video game for XBox 360 was on my list.


Its not a difficult game and is tied in with the 2009 movie. You play as Miley/Hannah, exploring Crowley Corners as Miley and entertaining your fans as Hannah. As Miley you have been taken to Crowley Corners to get in touch with your roots and also help your grandmother save the area. You have to help catch animals at a local petting zoo, help out on your gran’s farm and interact with the locals.

Miley is equipped with an item called the Z-Phone. Basically this is your quest book, but instead its a phone. Look at us being all cool and trendy! Anyway, it displays your map of Crowley Corners, takes you to the tour bus to alter outfits and keeps you updated with mission objective.

Each time you complete a quest as Miley, you unlock a concert venue for Hannah.  In concert mode, players perform on 6 different stages to 14 Hannah songs, 5 are from the movie. When performing, you have to keep your fans entertained. As Hannah walks around the stage, its up to you to hit the right buttons for clapping, making different poses, hitting the right guitar notes, drumming and singing to get those fans cheering for more.

Points are given at the end of each performance and these can be used to buy more clothes and accessories for Hannah. You can customise Hannah’s outfits and also choose which furnishings you want in your tour bus.


There are also various mini-games (completing them unlocks achievements or trophies) and they also unlock new game content. These include:

  • Frog Jump: Earn points by trying to launch rubber frogs onto passing lily pads with a hammer.
  • Horse Riding: Go on a ride with Blue Jeans, Miley’s horse. You jump the obstacles and collect special items on the field to score points and unlock more game features.
  • Horse Races: You race a horse or compete with other players by hitting the target with a water pistol. It sounds more horrible than it is.
  • Bottle Toss: You have to throw beanbags to topple milk jugs at the County Fair. Collect points for each jug you manage to knock over.

The game did get some really bad and poor reviews. The graphics aren’t amazing and the game can be completed within hours. This wasn’t made to be a challenging, complicated video game. It was to be tied in with the Hannah Montana movie, an extra way to make more money. Fans, young and old of the show will enjoy the game. And I even know some people who grabbed a copy purely for the easy trophy and achievement score.

I probably will be teased or mocked for liking Hannah Montana, but the show still cheers me up nearly 10 years after being introduced to it. Whenever I feel down, I still listen to old Hannah Montana songs or watch the TV show. I even bonded better with my sister when I visited her in Australia because of it. We barely had a relationship before she moved, but spending time with her dancing and singing to Hannah Montana, it made us much closer.

So that’s my guilty pleasure game! I grabbed my own copy of the game for my XBox 360 couple years ago. Was actually difficult to still find a new copy, but I succeeded. The game was also released on PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and DS if anyone is interested in grabbing it.