Work Experience

Below are the two sites I use to write for. One is called Ready Up and the other is Push Start. I was also lucky enough to write a magazine piece for PlayStation Magazine! It was a small article piece about the time Sony was hacked and the network was closed for a period of time.

Ready Up – Lauren

I started writing for Ready Up back in 2010. Inside XBox had mentioned on one of their videos that Ready Up were looking for new writers. I had zero experience and had written a small gaming blog that had about 6 posts on it. Had nothing to lose and gave it a shot! I was accepted and made some incredible friends on and through that site. Sadly I left the site in 2012, but had gained some experience.

Push Start – Lauren

Push Start approached me with a writing position in April 2013. I happily jumped aboard the Push Start train and was writing as much as I could for them due to being unemployed. Yet once I was in full time employment, I had to step down writing for them and that was February 2014. Once again I have made some amazing and encouraging friends who have given me more experience to add to my writing belt.